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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 25, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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in the water. initially there were indications he died of suspicious causes and detectives were called to the scene but now they don't believe it was suspicious and calling it an unexplained death. update on a service dog that was stolen. we talked with police and they say the dog, who you see here has been reunited with the owner. the owner needs the dog to calm panic attack said. police responded to a tip and found the dog at a home in san francisco. he was taken friday night after the owner fell asleep on a bart train. new at 5:00 p.m. a study from the centers for disease control and prevention suggests parents are risker their children's health. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has more.
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>> reporter: parents may think they are doing the right thing but doctors say the growing problems of diabetes may be caused by infant diets. >> reporter: he gets only breast milk. but a new study found 40% of babies under 40 months are getting solid food. >> mashing up fruit with rice cereal. >> sometimes you like them to have solid foods because they sleep better. [ laughter ] >> under 4 months we need to make it clear that has been shown to be related to higher risks of asthma. >> diabetes. each baby is unique but the ability to digest develops slowly. they recommend solid food only
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after six months. but 93% of babies by then are already eating solids, most with doctor approval. >> maybe give them cereal to start out with. >> reporter: he recommended daily cereal but the parents say they will wait. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. once it is authenticated a work out could be a new world record. [ music playing ] >> that is a lot of hula hoops. the listing is for the most students doing a five minute retune. they had more than 400 kids this morning. the previous record holder had
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290. the idea is to teach the kids three life lessons. >> anything you put your mind to you can achieve. never dream small, always dream big and believe in yourself. >> he says the idea came to him after he received a guinness book of world records for christmas. the new recommendation about who should be in charge and why there isn't enough money. >> drivers are getting a gift, the factors leading to a drop in gas prices just in time for spring.
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a former university of california at berkeley professor has died. he joined the faculty in 1978 in computer science. he was appointed to professional at the school of information, which he helped form. he died in oakland march 15. he was 61 years old. watch dog commission recommended turning over state parks to local park agencies. the report says some state parks are only of local interest and should be the responsibility of local governments. they did not say which parks should be transferred. they found the parks department had an outdated management
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system and didn't get enough money to maintain the parks. with easter weekend ahead fuel prices continue to call across the united states. the report pegged the average cost at $3.67. that is down 11 cents from a month ago. the reason for the decline is a drop in cruel oil prices. in the bay area, the average price today for a gallon was $4.14 in san francisco. roles are changing when it comes to who is the bread winner of the household. an analysis shows when one spouse works full time and the other stays home the wife is the soul bread winner in 23% of family. when they first started tracking this, it was 6%. in 12 million families, wives
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out earn husbands 28% of the time. six months after it opened a store is going to close. when it debuted they filled a place that had been empty for 7 years but the owner says he is not making enough money to pay the rent. officials are looking for another grocer to replace them. four years, inside training.
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san jose police continue to look for that suspect in the deadly stabbing. this man, he is accused of killing his former girlfriend. she was found stabbed to death on friday on north first street not far from the jail -- from the jail. he may be driving a vehicle similar to this. dark green, toyota pick up. he may be heading to mexico. man who was shot after pointing a fake rifle at a sheriff's deputy died of his injuries. he was shot twice in the chest friday night. authorities had been called to his home on reports that he had been threatening a family member. the sheriff's department just sent us this picture of what is believed to be a rifle. turned out to be a pipe. a operation led to the rest of two suspected robbers in san
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mateo. they were arrested for conspiracy and armed robbery. he was also charged with possession of a concealed loaded shotgun. officers say they spotted the two in a vehicle that had been seen near a robbery. officers say he was in possession of the loaded shotgun. an investigation is underway to see if they are connected to other crimes. the coast guard called off off a search last night for a man. they searched for several hours for him. he went into the water for a ball and vanished. the coast guard said there are no plans to resume the search. new class of police recruits are starting as another class hits the streets.
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ktvu's jade hernandez is live with more. >> reporter: the city budget for last week's class and this week's beginning one right here at police headquarters. >> reporter: 51 trainees sat for the first time in their police academy class this morning. the police chief said he is dedicated to the trainees down stairs. >> i was faced with many challenges when i came in. >> reporter: if they succeed in the classroom, they are spot on the force will inch the department closer to the 800 officers 5 years ago. they have 649 officers today. >> cincinnati has 300 something thousand population, and they have twice as many officers as we do. >> reporter: this new recruit has ties to the city. >> i grew up in oakland.
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went to school there. >> reporter: as a daughter of a retired lieu tentant she -- lieutenant she was here. as a woman, what she represents is unique. the 167th class has 7 women and only a small percentage was from oakland. he graduated from college. he said it will take commitment to graduate in 6 months. >> i love a challenge. that is why i am here. >> reporter: the chief says he hopes to see more oakland applicants. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. supreme court announced it will hear a case involving a michigan law banning race as a consideration
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for college admission. a court struck down the law last year. michigan voters passed the ban in 2006. a similar law in texas is also under review. the supreme court will hear arguments on california's ban on same-sex marriage tomorrow. ktvu's david stevenson is in washington, d.c. he will report live for us all day tomorrow. and stay with ktvu channel 2 news tomorrow night for a look at the proposition 8 case. we will break down the arguments and the impacts the case will have at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night. the calendar says spring but storms pound the east coast. folks are digging out from a snowstorm. they got 10 inches of snow over night. it caused flight delays delays and some schools were shut down. the monday morning commute was slippery in new jersey and blamed for several accidents. more snow is expected
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throughout the day. here in the bay area, back to hoping for rain. our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> got the fingers crossed. nothing significant. a few sprinkles is how it looks. it will last all week. the chance of showers are in the forecast starting on wednesday and they linger into the weekend. the question is, how much. outside temperatures today were on the mild side. tomorrow temperatures are coming down and stay in the mid- 60s. you can see the pattern is broken down or the jet stream is drifting south. right? it was up north. it will work its way into the area wednesday. over night lows tonight in the 40s. tomorrow is a nice day. a lot like today. partly cloudy skies. mid-60s. couple 68 and 67 and then things change. we got showers back in the forecast. tomorrow is the day without a chance of sprinkles.
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after that we have a chance every day as we go into the bay area weekend. we might see showers too. highs tomorrow, 70s, few 70s tomorrow. tomorrow mild, like today. rest of the week, wednesday through sunday and we are looking at unsettled weather. clouds, sunshine, mild temperatures and widely scattered showers. the modern for tomorrow, sets up like this, pushes everything off. 7:00 a.m., fog. coastal fog. tomorrow morning. showers moving in off shore. tomorrow afternoon, more showers. lake county tomorrow afternoon. widely scattered. we will see widely scattered showers wednesday. and they will keep spinning in, widely scattered. hard to forecast. hard to plan your day around. they are just going to be widely scattered. some areas little rain, some
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won't see anything. 67 antioch. 68 brentwood. highs for tomorrow. nice day tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. rain in the forecast tomorrow. and five-day forecast, look at that. you got sun, clouds, sprinkles. that is the way it is going to be. there is no real cold front staring us down. it is just the low will sit there. all week. and hopefully it will bring significant rain. right now that is not the case. >> we are closing out march with a weak rain total month. >> yeah. as dry as i could remember. >> snow pack, last one of the year. >> yeah. that will be interesting but the reservoirs are full. we will track it. >> thank you. what will it cost to keep
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samsung in the south bay? plus a show of unity,ty, the hand over secretary of state john kerry made today during his unannounced visit to afghanistan.
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ñw? prince harry is scheduled to visit the united states in may. he is expected to play polo in connecticut to raise money for
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a charity. he plans to visit aural national cemetery and see game -- arlington national cemetery and see games. and he plans to visit with victims of hurricane sandy. secretary of state john kerry smoothed over reports. >> i am confidence the president does not believe the united states has any interest except to see the sal ban make police -- taliban make peace. [ inaudible ] >> does not mean a collusion
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between the united states and the taliban. >> this meeting came on a day when the united states handed over to the afghans its prison. they decided to the hand-off a year ago but the united states hesitated. they will issue a ruling in 8 hours on whether or not amanda knox will be tried again for murder. amanda knox was not in court for today's six hours of arguments. this is video. prosecutors want the judges to over turn the acquittals of amanda knox and her ex- boyfriend in the death of her former roommate. they had been convicted of murder originally. she moved back home to seattle where she wrote a book. tomorrow the city counsel expect expected to -- expected to approve a incentive to keep
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samsung in the area. right now the facility is 200,000 square feet but they want to expand to 680,000 square feet. it trumps an offer to texas to expand there. in 2 minutes, ktvu channel 2 news was the only one there as a child in a stolen car is found. we have team coverage on how police located her and the technology more and more are using. >> and the plan to make the switch eto clean energy sources. how much it could cost and -- twitch to clean energy sources, how much it could cost and who it would effect.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> i am julie haener. >> i am ken wayne. a baby girl is safe after the vehicle she was in was stolen from in front of her home. we have team coverage. ktvu's ken pritchett explains the technology police are using, but we begin with ktvu's robert handa who was the first reporter on the scene when the baby was found and he talked to the officer who found the
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child. robert? >> reporter: the victim's family has been here talking with investigators, because the case is active even though we can show you pictures of a happy recovery. >> the view from news chopper 2 shows the rescue of the girl. police retrieved little gabriela quintero from her mother's stolen car that was spotted by a resident. from the ground ktvu channel 2 news got pictures of the rescue that had family, friends and the officers grateful. little gabriela quintero was the focus of an amber alert. >> she appeared distraught. dazed. she was happy to see us. >> the mother was going in and out of the car this morning with little gabriela quintero in the car seat. when she went inside the vehicle was stolen. >> i heard the screaming. i said what happened.
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i heard my baby. my baby. then i heard the tires squeal. it was gone. what is going on. someone stole my car with my baby. >> reporter: the mother described a woman seen on the screen before the disappearance as white, mid-30s, dark hair and a bun. neighbors are on the look out. >> i heard stories about kids. i am happy she was found. >> just because we found the baby and the vehicle doesn't mean we go home now, the investigation is still in full swing. we want to know who took the car. >> the family is trying to help. that is why they are spending so much time talking to investigators. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> moments after san jose police began searching for the car with the child inside we knew what the car looked like because this picture was shared with the public after the car was captured on camera by the
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license place recognition system. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with a similar system. >> reporter: whether driving on city streets or the interstate, there is a chance your car, license plate has been captured, the data stored it is a more common tool of law enforcement. >> reporter: if this patrol car drove by, it is ea good bet you -- it is a good bet you wouldn't see this. >> it is a camera. it covers to the front and side. >> reporter: he says the three cameras on this car are constantly scanning. >> if you get a car that is wanted, stolen, if you have a amber alert it will notify you that a car is in the area. >> reporter: they have several cars equipped with the cameras, the photos stored for


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